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top horizontal menu not working while on mobile devices


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Hello, i have a problem with my website http://santehm.ro/ . The module Top Horizontal Menu works fine on desktops but when i switch over to mobile it stops working. I can see it there but i can not click it and when I hover over it, it displays question marks. Any help? I have attached ss with the problem


Thank you !



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I am using Bootstrap theme.


When I resize my site to mobile, the menu disappears.  It used to work.


It must be a formatting change I made.   But I do not know the file(s) to look at.


Can someone point me in the right direction ?


My site is www.maverick-solutions.com


You can see my issue there.





How is this related to my problem? Please start a new topic and stop highjacking mine

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My menu was not working in mobile but was in full.   So the topics are related.  

Sorry if I didn't start a new topic as I figured yours was very similar.  

Plus for some reason it would not let me start a new one .. anyways.. I fixed mine by reinstalling the theme.    But then I had to make all my changes again. 

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