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I am working with a client who is planning a move from a competitor's product (JShop) to PrestaShop.The client is intending to maintain his current catalogue process which involves using a spreadsheet which is then mass imported into JShop. He believes this offline process provides him with more flexibility with catalogue creation and maintenance. Of course, the success of this assumes he could reflect the JShop product table related updates on PrestaShop automatically (probably through triggers). Yeah  I know this sounds bizarre. However, my client insists that he has looked at what would be involved in creating and maintaining his product catalogues on PrestaShop and he is adamant that he needs to maintain his current processes using spreadsheet and Jshop mass update - somehow!!


Obviously, the table structures on JShop and PrestaShop are not similar. One possible approach could be to set up triggers on the JShop database that update the product tables on PrestaShop when inserts, updates or deletes occur on JShop.


Now the big question. To make sure that the necessary updates take place on the PrestaShop database one would need to know the table updates that occur within PrestaShop when a normal creation of a product takes place using the PrestaShop functionality. Now I appreciate that a number of ancillary tables will need to exist before a new product is triggered/created through PrestsShop (i.e. ps_shop, ps_tax etc...). So the question is, is there any documentation that gives details of the database table updates related to creating a product on PrestaShop?


Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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