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How to get the right var (inside emails)

marion v

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Hello everyone !


I cant find how to get the right var corresponding to a special field in form contact.


I translated the field but in translation module this is the 'order reference' field. 

I tried de the following vars in emails models :


{order_name} -> returns ' - ' in the mails 


{id_order}, {order_reference} dont seem to exist.


I've to tried to find it in the contact-form.tpl but I cant find the right var.



Can you help me pls ?


Tks a lot !


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Actually I would like to know the name of the variable that iq hidden under a field in the contact form, so i can put this var in the mails when this field is written.


I dont know if i'm understandable :) 


Tks !


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