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how to avoid web builder installing a virus?


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hello all

'I am wanting to hire someone to build my website for me. I am tired of doing it myself and the thought of rebuilding this site again for version 1,7 is killing me. I have some offers, but my main problem is how do I know they are not installing a virus or some sort of program to keep personal information?

I know the obvious is to go with a huge company who doesn't want bad press but those companies are often way out of my budget for a task like this.

Am I fooling myself to think I can get quality work without someone being a snake?

thanks for any info you can spare.


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You answered your question yourself: hire somebody with good reputation. It can be a company or a freelancer. Of course somebody with good reputation will be more expensive than somebody with no or bad reputation. 

Are you so poor that you can afford bad quality work and redoing the same thing 3 times with 3 different developers? Or is it better to pay once and get it right the first time?

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