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Specific price per lot

Martin Uker K

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I usually answer questions, but I'm having trouble with this one. The search is kind of hard since I'm not sure how this concept is called.


What I want :


1 product : 15 $

2 products : 20 $ (10$ each)

3 products : 35 $ (2 at 10, 1 at 15)

4 products : 40$


And so on. Basically, it's a typical "x for Z$" rule. In this case : 2 for 20. Specific price can do it in x and more. Which means : 3 would cost 30$ which goes against the business model.


Is there a way to create "2n" specific price rules? A module or anything?


Declinaison won't work, I alreayd have clothing using it for Color and size, I can't add a new attribute like "lot", and also it would disrupt the way the customer is using the application.


Pretty sure this is a concept that must have been asked before,

Many thanks to any hints or pointers,



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