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Create Age Verification Page


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Hey, I'm creating a beer shop, and I need to add an age verification page. I understand that there are modules for this, but they are paid, and I prefer to do one from scratch. Can someone tell me the steps to doing this? From what I found, it's something like:


1-Creating a front controller

2-Creating a front template for the controller

3-Change URL in backoffice.


But I want the page to appear at the root www.example.com, and then if the age entered is okay, it would go to the shop, like www.example.com/shop.


Or I can just create the code to occupy the full screen at www.example.com, and if the age is ok, it would scroll down to the shop, like it is at martini.com.


However, I don't know which one is more suited.


Any help?

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