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Multistore in the same store

Andrea Biraghi

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hello there,


sorry for rhe tricky title.. btw..

I'm trying to figure out how to use multistore features but in the same URL.

I try to explain better:

There is only one url, and from the external the site should be appear as a single store.

I have different users (respectively related to their physical stores) which have to upload their products, sharing the same frontend, pages, categories, etc... with the other stores.

The goal is to set store related permissions to the users in order to let them read/write (and see ) only their products in the backoffice. 


Is there a way to do that without going deep in prestashop coding?


Any help, suggestion, workaround would be very appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




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Hello Andrea,


It seems like you should use User groups fonctionnalities rather than multistore.


By assigning customers to different groups, you would be able to define wich products, categories... they can see or not.


Hope it will help





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@gael, thanks for your reply.
My problem is not in the frontend, but in the backoffice.

I need to set permissions on the procducts: every user can add products but can not delete or modify a product which is created by another user.


It would be wonderful using the multistore features and premissions, but related to the same url.


Hope this is not too confusing!



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