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Appel fonction d'un controller dans un ModuleFrontController


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j'aimerais appeler protected function assignPriceAndTax() dans le moduleController de mon module pour pouvoir afficher comme sur une fiche produit (product.tpl) le prix, les taxes, si le prix est en promotion.


Ce code là par exemple :

<div class="content_prices clearfix">
	{if $product->show_price && !isset($restricted_country_mode) && !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}
		<!-- prices -->
			<p class="our_price_display" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Offer">{strip}
				{if $product->quantity > 0}<link itemprop="availability" href="https://schema.org/InStock"/>{/if}
				{if $priceDisplay >= 0 && $priceDisplay <= 2}
					<span id="our_price_display" class="price" itemprop="price" content="{$productPrice}">{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}</span>
					{if $tax_enabled  && ((isset($display_tax_label) && $display_tax_label == 1) || !isset($display_tax_label))}
						{if $priceDisplay == 1} {l s='tax excl.'}{else} {l s='tax incl.'}{/if}
					<meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="{$currency->iso_code}" />
					{hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="price"}
			<p id="old_price"{if (!$product->specificPrice || !$product->specificPrice.reduction)} class="hidden"{/if}>{strip}
				{if $priceDisplay >= 0 && $priceDisplay <= 2}
					{hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="old_price"}
					<span id="old_price_display"><span class="price">{if $productPriceWithoutReduction > $productPrice}{convertPrice price=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval}{/if}</span>{if $tax_enabled && $display_tax_label == 1} {if $priceDisplay == 1}{l s='tax excl.'}{else}{l s='tax incl.'}{/if}{/if}</span>
			<p id="reduction_percent" {if $productPriceWithoutReduction <= 0 || !$product->specificPrice || $product->specificPrice.reduction_type != 'percentage'} style="display:none;"{/if}>{strip}
				<span id="reduction_percent_display">
					{if $product->specificPrice && $product->specificPrice.reduction_type == 'percentage'}-{$product->specificPrice.reduction*100}%{/if}
			<p id="reduction_amount" {if $productPriceWithoutReduction <= 0 || !$product->specificPrice || $product->specificPrice.reduction_type != 'amount' || $product->specificPrice.reduction|floatval ==0} style="display:none"{/if}>{strip}
				<span id="reduction_amount_display">
				{if $product->specificPrice && $product->specificPrice.reduction_type == 'amount' && $product->specificPrice.reduction|floatval !=0}
					-{convertPrice price=$productPriceWithoutReduction|floatval-$productPrice|floatval}
			{if $priceDisplay == 2}
				<br />
				<span id="pretaxe_price">{strip}
					<span id="pretaxe_price_display">{convertPrice price=$product->getPrice(false, $smarty.const.NULL)}</span> {l s='tax excl.'}
		</div> <!-- end prices -->
		{if $packItems|@count && $productPrice < $product->getNoPackPrice()}
			<p class="pack_price">{l s='Instead of'} <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">{convertPrice price=$product->getNoPackPrice()}</span></p>
		{if $product->ecotax != 0}
			<p class="price-ecotax">{l s='Including'} <span id="ecotax_price_display">{if $priceDisplay == 2}{$ecotax_tax_exc|convertAndFormatPrice}{else}{$ecotax_tax_inc|convertAndFormatPrice}{/if}</span> {l s='for ecotax'}
				{if $product->specificPrice && $product->specificPrice.reduction}
				<br />{l s='(not impacted by the discount)'}
		{if !empty($product->unity) && $product->unit_price_ratio > 0.000000}
			{math equation="pprice / punit_price" pprice=$productPrice  punit_price=$product->unit_price_ratio assign=unit_price}
			<p class="unit-price"><span id="unit_price_display">{convertPrice price=$unit_price}</span> {l s='per'} {$product->unity|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</p>
			{hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="unit_price"}
	{/if} {*close if for show price*}
	{hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="weight" hook_origin='product_sheet'}
    {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="after_price"}
	<div class="clear"></div>
</div> <!-- end content_prices -->

Est-ce possible? Est-ce la meilleur solution à votre avis?


Merci à vous.

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