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Allowing upload of multiple files in contact form


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I'd like to allow users uploading more than 1 file in the contact form.


I would like to use multiple="" to allow selecting multiple files with Ctrl. After that it would be perfect if both names show up in the Field where the filename is set by uniform js. 


Unfortunately I am not familiar with javascript. And after adding multiple to the input field in the theme file still only the last choosen file is displayed as filename.


Has anyone already dealt with uploading multiple files in the contact form? Tomorrow I will describe my issue a little more detailed and show you which changes I already did exactely and which I was not able to perform.


So far I am only dealing with the template part of uploading multiple files. Controller part should not be a problem, I think.


Thank you in advance for your help and the great community :) 


Best Regards,


Benedikt Schickan

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Hello, I am implementing a module in prestashop version 1.6, where nese module I intend to attach files and send them by email. If I put this code in the form: array ( 'Type' => 'file', 'Label' => $ this-> l ('Attach documents'), 'Name' => 'FILE', 'Search' => false, 'Orderby' => false, 'Align' => 'center', It can send a file that you select, but you can not select multiple files, and I want to attach several files. Anyone know how I can do it? Thank you.

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