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How does Google find Prestashop Product pages, and why?

scott etheridge

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Forgive me if this question has been asked before.  I'm trying to figure out why my product page doesn't actually come up in Google.  For example, I created a product on my site called "Lot of Three 'Good Housekeeping Needlecraft' Magazines 1970-1972".  Now, I also run an Etsy shop by the same 'shop name' as my domain.


When I search Google for [in quotations] for - "lot of three good housekeeping needlecraft magazines" there are 4 search results.  One of them points to my exact Etsy product listing (#1 result) which is great!  Great, because it can be clicked by the searcher who is then taken to that exact product.


Search result #3 points to my Prestashop shop, but it points to an entirely different product.  In fact, it points to a product that was created just after the 'housekeeping magazines' product. 





Going further, when I search for the exact same phrase "lot of three good housekeeping needlecraft magazines" but WITHOUT the quotes, my Prestashop listing doesn't appear at all in the first 50 results. However, the #1 result, again, is my Etsy product listing.  And when I add "1970" (without quotes) to the end of the query, Google still doesn't point to it on my domain.


Now, when searching WITHOUT quotes "lot of three good housekeeping needlecraft magazines cariboocollectibles", Google gives me the same results as in the image above, but again it doesn't point to the correct product listing. It points to the "Two 'Golden Hands' " link instead - a product listing that I created in Prestashop right after the one I'm actually searching for.  My 'SEO' Meta Title and Meta Description are properly filled in and my product 'descriptions' are thorough.


In short, people aren't finding my domain through Google, at least not when searching for specific product items.  Is it at all possible, for Google to point to my exact prestashop product listing?

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Don't wait for Google to come to you. Go to Google first! It means you would need to setup a Google Search Console account and publish your Prestashop sitemap to let Google crawl accurately all the pages and images on your shop. Once your entire shop is indexed you are more likely to rank on your keywords. 

As you are running the same shop on different websites, you may get a penalty from Google for Content duplicate. If your Etsy shop was released first, no surprise that it comes first in the result page as well, the Prestashop's one is more likely to be "punished" for "stealing" the content of the other.


You should review your entire organic SEO strategy!


Good luck

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