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HELP! Prestashop inside undesired folder, change to PUBLIC_HTML

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I've added my prestashop store inside public_html/prestashop and now I want to access it like www.myshop.com but I can't! It has to be www.myshop.com/prestashop . How can I change it to the desired directory without changing anything??


Please help. Thank you!!






I found these steps to follow:


1) Disable cache

2) Move files (after that admin panel doesn't work anymore)

3) Use phpMyAdmin to edit table ps_shop_url. Edit the field 'physical_uri' to reflect the changed location of your shop

4) Go to the new URL backoffice

5) Regenerate robots.txt

6) Regenerate .htaccess 

7) Enable cache



But now I can't do step 4!! I see the loginpage but it tells me my account is not valid! I've sent an email to regenerate the password but I can't login! No error, just no login... Please help!! :(

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