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urls for shipping and errors


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I'm really confused I m using USPS for my shipping and  I don't  understand what the url is suppose to say?  I have mu customers tracking numbers I had to manually add them but when I click on them it just show a regular page and they have to copy and past there tracking number in there. I also have some erros going on and I really need to see if I can get some to fix stuff for me I understand I may have to pay someone to fix things for me. Can someone please help me. Here is the for the shipping  one http://prntscr.com/cm126i

 As for the other  error turn the debug to true and than in my shipping platform I get this error . I have called them and they have looked to see if I have it set up right and I do . It is pulling my orders fine just not adding my tracking numbers for my customers I had to add them manually in my back office in prestashop. Im really don't know what else to do and I don't understand coding really well.


Error marking order as shipped:


Expected 200 http response code from PUThttps:www.iowagoatmilksoap.com//apiorder_carriers/? ws_key=WT8CJ677B9H717HJHI48WGTA5P212ZY6


But received 400 response body:<?xml


Version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>







<errors><error><cpde><!{CDATA{90[spam-filter]<>/code><message><!CDATA{id is


required when modifying a resource[spam-filter]><?message></error></errors>





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