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Hello, dear Prestashop friends,

am relatively new with my shop ( http://www.mobiler-Brillenladen.com ) and just finds out that I use none  "friendly Urls \\\". 
Enclosed a Screenshot of my settings here and the questions:
 - can I use the user-friendly Urls generally? because of the error message?
 - can it be that afterwards my shop does not function any more?


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You can enable disable friendly URL anytime you want. It never affect functionality of your site. But what trouble you can face is that if you have friendly URL and then you disable it, already shared links will give 404 errors. If you have generic url with controller and id, and you enable friendly URL, it will be redirected to friendly URL.

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Hi people!

I will appreciate any help you could provide me.

I activate friendly url and some tutorials suggested me to disable Apache's MultiViews option... after that i have the problem. some of my friends can see my page, but some of them could not. For some one that could not see the page, it shows them http error 500. After trying to create new .htaccess file (by erasing the old one) some of my friends get 404 error, but some of them still could see my page. Even on one device chrome didn't show the page but IE does. Any sugestion?

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