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hi all!

I have 2 physical stores and prestashop installation (that now using neither multistore feature nor warehouses).

I need things to look like this:

-when somebody creates an order from store #1, he can use warehouse #1 and warehouse #2;

-when somebody creates an order from store #2, he can use only warehouse #2.




So, on my test host I switched to Advanced Stock Management, created 2 warehouses, switched some of goods to "ASM" (and enabled both warehouses for that goods). After that I switched to multistore, created 2 stores, and linked on warehouse #1 to store #1, and warehouse #2 to stores #1 & #2 on warehouse's edit page.


So, when I added some qtys to warehouse #1, I can use it for orders from store #1, but not from store #2, as expected.

But when I add some qtys to warehouse #2, I can't use it neither from store #1, nor from store #2.


As I googled, it's not popular setup, so, please, can anybody help me: what should I do to get expected behavior?


Thank you very much!

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