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Tax showing as exluded for products on all invoices afer upgrade


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Hi All


I recently upgraded from v1.6.0.9 to v1.6.1.6 and I noticed that the tax is showing as exluded for products on all invoices.


The tax settings/rules are the same as the previous version. It show products with tax incl. in the front office which is correct. So why would it suddenly show tax excl on the invoices instead of tax incl?


Any suggestions will be great, thank you

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Thanks MacRoy but that didn't seem to do anything...


The previous version didn't have this option enabled



Here's a screenshot of one of the invoices still showing tax excl. below:


The unit price for the product shows the price with tax incl. as R 920.00 in the front end.

Really clueless at this point any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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