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Calculate price per quantity

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I use Prestashop and have noticed that when you go to product description and in Quantity choose the quantity on + or - the price/ import is not calculated automatically, but remains the price per 1 item..


How this can be solved?


Thank you



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To get product price calculated per quantity in PrestaShop, you should configure specific price for this or that product. When adding specific price you indicate quantity and product price to be applied when customer adds indicated number of items to cart. 


It is possible to add several specific prices for one product, set limitation per customer, country, product combination, etc.



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Hi all,

I've used these rules so that the prices change with the quantity, and all works fine.


Now in a tpl page I'd like to write the price of some quantity of products.

Before I used this code:

{convertPrice price=$product.price*60}

{convertPrice price=$product.price*90}


Now because the price changes with the quantity this rule is not right.

Is there e function that returns the right price, given the quantity and the id article?

Something like getPrice(id_product,quantity) ?


thank you very much



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Hello Guys, 

i do not know what I am doing wrong or if I understood the behavior wrong but the calculation is not working for me. 

I have a virtual product. I would like to set price 30€ per hour and minimal quantity for sale 4. Hence I expected that it will automatically calculate the product price to 30€.

Then when I will add it to cart with quantity 4 i expected price 120€. But it has still 0€. Of course the price was not recalculated neither on Pricing tab of the product. 

Another problem with calculation I have when creating bundle product. Even if I have manually added there Retail Price, the bundled product price is still 0€.

What I overlook with settings? 

I am using

Thanks and Regards


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