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Top Horizontal Menu internationalisation issue

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Hey Everyone,


Is it actually possible to have different external links on each instance of Top Horizontal Menu depending on the current language selected ?

So for example when the user is viewing the site in english the external link label will say "Home" and link to "xxxxxx.com/en.html" and when they are viewing the site in spanish the label will say "Inicio" and take them to "xxxxxx.com/es.html" ?

The idea being that prestashop is installed on a subdomain of a larger multilingual site which has other non shop content and once the users are in the shop but might choose to navigate back to the non shop site. 

This is easily done in Joomla or Wordpress but I cannot find a way to do it in prestashop. Regardless of which language I encode into the Top Horizontal Menu only one label (and it`s link) shows up on all the different languages.

There doesn`t seem to be a way to have various links and associate them. 

Maybe I`m missing something here. Any help would be appreciated .

I find it odd that I can`t find the answer to this anywhere on any forums, surely I can`t be the only person wanting to do this .

Help ;-)

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OK, so I found the answer. It is possible, you just have to go through all the languages you have installed and add a link to each one before saving. Slightly counter intuitive but that is the correct way to do it. This really should be in the manual ;-)

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