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Does there exist a giftcard module ?

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I'm looking for a giftcard module to sell tangible giftcards.

There are modules that call themself giftcards but they are in fact gift certificates.

That is a big difference.


What i'm looking for is a module that can do the following:

- create x-number of uniques 16 digit codes for with a specific value (e.g 500 unique numbers with € 25 value)

- export these unique codes to a xls file are cvs file (now these numbers (now these codes can be printed on cards)

- the card must be handled by prestashop as payment method and NOT as discount voucher ( very important difference in respect to VAT calculation)


Possible 'workflow' buying giftcard:

- x numbers are created for specific value

- numbers are exported 

- card are printed

- normal product is created in backend.

- someone buys giftcard.

- order picker picks a card and links card number to order/customer

- a 4-digit security code is generated and send by e-mail to customer.

- card is send to customer.

- once received buy customer card is 'activated' in backend by adding 4-digit security code. (only now payments can be made with card)


'workflow' paying with card.

- some places on order.

- payment method 'goftcard' is selected.

- if order value > value giftcard than additional payment by other payment method 

else payment completed and remaining value on card =>0


Someone knows if such a module does exists ?


Thank you for your answers.


Best regards,






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Thanks for your reply.

I just went through the the whole thread.

If l'm not mistaken this module is for virtual gift cards (send by e-mail). They are also handled as discount vouchers and not as form of payment.

This is not what I'm looking for.

I need to send real cards ( plastic cards that are send by snail- mail). The cards are form of payment.

Thanks anyway.


Best regards,


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