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B2B with private categorys

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I have gotten the assignment on my job to build us a new e-commerce site for our customers where they can shop their products. I have several different customers that have a complete different setup and different products (no one got the same) so the products are customer specific.


I need to buy some modules in order to get this site working and I need help to find the best ones out there.


More simply I want a start page where you can login to your account and when the customer fills in the credentials he gets sent to the webbshop page where he can buy from specific category's that I have decided that he should have access to.


Is there any goods modules out there which can do this? Or can i have several different that might work together?


or is it just more simple to make it a multishop store? would it for example be suitable to use a private login like http://addons.prestashop.com/en/6257-private-shop.html and then have a multishop for each different customer? or is there an easier way?


All help is greatly appreciated

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Setting up a multi-shop will be very resource consumming.

I think you can achieve what you want with a single module that will redirect shoppers to a specific category based on there choice.

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