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Prestashop performance MyISAM Vs InnoDB


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MyISAM tables are far more faster than InnoDB for read only queries.

but for intensive writes operation it is preferable to use InnoDB which use row level locking for write operation (MyISAM uses table level locking).

So my suggestion (I do not test anything) is to use InnoDB for "statistics" tables like ps_connections_source.

Any comments ? Any cons&pros;about using innoDB tables?


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You are correct that MyISAM tables are faster than compared to InnoDB and I won't get into the technical reasons why.

However, if you want the database to handle Foreign Key constraints automatically that functionality will only work with an InnoDB configuration.

So it is not always appropriate to use MyISAM in all tables.

You COULD write the code to handle it foreign keys yourself but since InnoDB does this for you and has been time tested the tradeoff is in speed.

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