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Blank page when creating widget

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Hi there,


Is there any good soul.. :unsure:;) .. who would help me with my problem :(:unsure: ?



So I am slowly creating my 1st PS, using Leotheme DealStore template with all the included modules & widgets. But now when I am almost done and ready to move site to live server I have some problem which I cannot figure it out by myself.


The problem occurred when I was trying to create/edit/delete/save etc.. widgets in Leo Manage Widget module - Blank Page showed.


I have turned webservices on and got some errors - please see attached file.



I would really appreciated if someone could please give me some solution or point me in to the right direction to solve the error.



Thank you very much in advance & have a great night or day (depends where are you located).. :DB)








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Hi. When errors occur, I have always found the problem in files that are alien to Prestashop, rarely is the Core, although it can occur.


In the image there is an error caused by the module, and precisely for backoffice.



Look at the picture, and try installing the module, otherwise it would be appropriate to apply the update Leothemes provider. The problem is being generated to load the template in the backoffice module, and either prodría review, but use vendor support.


If you need specific help, just ask.   https://techliderblog.wordpress.com/acerca-de/



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