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Prestacloud - How To Remove Our Stores


I've tried searching the forum and even tried Google and I'm going around in circles looking for things that either I cant see, are no longer there in the current cloud version or are in a different place to older versions!


I have no physical stores and will be trading online only so I need to disable/remove all instances of Our Stores but I just dont seem to be able to get rid of them all!

I've managed to remove it from the section at the bottom of the store and from the left hand side on the home page but when I click on other parts of the website (like when I click on a category) it suddenly appears again!



I like the Live Edit feature but (unless I'm not using it right which is possible) it only edits the home page which allowed me to remove it from there but I dont know how (or if you can) use it on other parts of the website?


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What a plonker!  I think I need some sleep as I've been adding products all evening.


To remove the Our Stores (or indeed anything else) you use the amazing Live Edit feature and simply browse your store as normal and delete the bits your don't like and then save it!


I just need to work out how you move bits now as that doesn't appear to be working...

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