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Importing Csv File: 500 Internal (Premature End Of Script Headers: Php-Cgi)


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When i import my 300 products it will stop after around 192 products.

I see: Error occurred: 500 - internal server error

Premature end of script headers: php-cgi

It must be a setting on my shared hosting, because i tried at a different host and it could import complete file without error.

I alreade changed basic stuff like  max excecution time etc. but this seems to be a different problem?

I googled around and found something about fast-cgi but this host isnt using that.

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I am afraid i have to leave my host if noone knows how to solve this problem.... 


its a server setting for sure i made a copy of the shop and tried it at a different host and there the import works fijne.

Maybe someone has a suggestion for trying to change a server setting?

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