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.CSV export module


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I'm currently struggling writting a module that is responsible for exporting a .CSV which contains specific infomation on an order. So far I've managed to extract the data I want from the database and create a .CSV file, this is fine. As I want this process automated I'll need this function to run once the e-mail notification has been sent to the customer (or something similar that triggers it). How would I go about doing this??

I've been reading into classes and functions of Prestashop so far but there seems to be very little documentation for it and hardly any tutorials for module creation (i've already read the 5 or 6 tutorials there are floating about) which makes it very hard.
Would anyone have any ideas of where to start about doing something like this? Any infomation about passing order details into my module class or anything would be very helpful!

Any advice or pointing in the right direction is much appreicated!

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I would be looking at just the export module side of things,

i.e... on a products state e.g "Preparation in progress" <- all orders contained are exported in CSV

Product Ref
Full Name
Street Add 1
Street Add 2
Post code
Phone Number


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