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Prestashop Branding In Facebook Links


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As much as I enjoy Prestashop, I'd rather not have its branding visible when I share my store or products on facebook. It dominates the store's brand way too much. I managed to remove it from links to the store itself, by editing title and meta desription of the index page in preferences.

However, when I try to share a product, the branding is still visible - it says Prestashop in big fonts right next to the product name. How do I get rid of it? I tried editing both meta title and meta description on the product page, but it doesn't work. 


This screen shot shows how I want the links to be. Unfortunately, this is the product that shows like this in a facebook link.





All the other links look llike this: post-1143763-0-74968100-1448488826_thumb.png


I found out that enabling friendly URL makes the first product link similar to the others, but disabling friendly URL doesn't do anything to the others. 


I think the difference must lay on product level. But all my products are described similarly in my catalog. It's quite confusing. Any help?




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