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Add 'notify When Available' To Product-List


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i want to put the  notify when available dialog next to the out of Stock message ( it will save customers a clicks or 2 and they may not know the notification option is available)

ive found the relevant code from product.tpl

<div id="oosHook">
<!-- MODULE MailAlerts -->
<p class="form-group">
<input type="text" id="oos_customer_email" name="customer_email" size="20" value="[email protected]" class="mailalerts_oos_email form-control"></p>
<a href="#" title="Notify me when available" id="mailalert_link" rel="nofollow">Notify me when available</a>

<span id="oos_customer_email_result" style="display:none; display: block;"></span>
<!-- END : MODULE MailAlerts -->

and have added it to product-list.tpl ( about line 220 )


I need to add the JS - I assume its this


whats the 'correct' way to do it  ?







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