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Interesting one, I have a shop running just two currencies GBP (default) and EUR.


Product price is calculated fine based on latest exchange rates, but when it comes to Specific Prices???

GBP Specific Prices are calculated on Currency Units entered as expected.


EUR however I've noticed is being calculated by a Percentage? 


Despite Specific Price Rules being set for: All combinations, All currencies, All countries, All groups, All customers etc.


Can anyone shed any light, I'd have thought if I'd set up all these Specific Rules for GBP, then EUR would have been calculated the same way.  Where's this Percentage value coming from as the % value changes as the Quantity ordered does (as you'd expect)?

Hopefully someone out there can help?


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Just a quick update... I was trying to figure out what was happening here, so I am testing the checkout process.

Using EUR as my currency, I added a number of products.  A percentage discount is applied (remember, this is wrong, it should display unit price).  So I hit refresh... low-and-behold the unit price shows, with the correct exchange rate applied?!

If I change the quantity, the miscalculated % displays again... hit refresh and all OK?!



* EDIT *


This % / unit price problem at checkout occurs for BOTH GBP & EUR?!  When you first arrive at checkout all is OK.  Make ANY amend in either currency... site changes from unit price to % being displayed?

So, I guess the questions now are... why are (EUR) Quantity Discounts showing wrong prices, but are correct at checkout?

And, why is there this unit price / % issue on the checkout page?

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Hi Davidell,


I do have the same problem (with different currencies).


Could you please explain how did you solve that issue ?


Thank a lot

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Thanks for your help.


It seems that my problem solve itself, I deleted the specific price and created it again and it works fine now... very strange...


Anyway, thanks again for your time !

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