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User Content and Module Translation


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We developed a Rapid Translator for user content and modules and have questions:


  1. Are there any "core" MySql tables to translate. We know all tables well, but which tables are translated and supported by prestashop? Should we lock certain tables?

  2. During testing, we found language problems in prestashop, resulting from empty fields, switching main language after installation, redundancy problems … Can we hear from users or developers about these problems in more detail? We will catch and repair.

  3. Is the prestashop team interested in using this tool for the basic language translation? The advantage is the offline, disconnected translation without any knowledge of prestashop backoffice. The translator will work transparent with extracted xml export files.

  4. We would appreciate MySql dump files of production databases to test our Rapid Translator.  Please leave a message how we can download or get by mail.

  5. We like to hear your experience about translating speaking urls and meta information. We will generate.

  6. We translate html without losing the html code and format. Can we hear your experiences. Are there any problems?


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