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Order return - Add order reference


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Dear All,


I would like to modify order-return pdf. More precisly i would like to add order reference in this file but i have some difficulties to do it.


I have modified the file  (order-return.summary-tab.tpl) as below but it doesn't work.


(in red my modifications)


{l s='We have logged your return request.' pdf='true'}<br />
{l s='Your package must be returned to us within' pdf='true'} {$return_nb_days} {l s='days of receiving your order.' pdf='true'}<br /><br />

<table id="summary-tab" width="100%">
        <th class="header small" valign="middle">{l s='Return Number' pdf='true'}</th>

        <th class="header small" valign="middle">{l s='Order Reference' pdf='true'}</th>
        <th class="header small" valign="middle">{l s='Date' pdf='true'}</th>
        <td class="center small white">{'%06d'|sprintf:$order_return->id}</td>

        <td class="center small white">{$order->getUniqReference()}</td>
        <td class="center small white">{dateFormat date=$order_return->date_add full=0}</td>


If somebody can help me, i will appreciate.


Best regards,




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