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blocktopmenu.php putting subcategory limit


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i have categories but AUCTIONS category has more than 100 sub categories 

how can i limit this subcategories to 5 or 10 ?


my AUCTIONS category id is 25

i write this


             if (($category['id_category']) == 25){
                $html .= '<a href="/onceki-muzayedeler/">See all past auctions</a>';
it works but how can i put a limit
has any one idea ? can i declear a limit but how ?
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i solve it 

may be someone need in future

for category 25 i put a variable and 

i modify the category list loop with if ($mycount++ < 4)


  if (($category['id_category']) == 25){
foreach ($categories as $key => $category)if ($mycount++ < 4) {
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