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Sort the order of the stores list


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Im making a page ( http://www.no-match.co.uk/storeslist ) with just a list of our stores on with a link to each stores individual pages by clicking on the store name.  I cant work out how to sort the list into alphabetical order on the name.


I have tried

ORDER BY name ASC in here

protected function assignStoresSimplified()
        $stores = Db::getInstance()->executeS('
		SELECT s.*, cl.name country, st.iso_code state
		FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'store s
		'.Shop::addSqlAssociation('store', 's').'
		LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'country_lang cl ON (cl.id_country = s.id_country)
		LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'state st ON (st.id_state = s.id_state)
		WHERE s.active = 1 AND cl.id_lang = '.(int)$this->context->language->id)

but it doesnt work.


Any ideas



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