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Account creation - show chekbox 'Please use another address for invoice"


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In my shop, our clients order product to send it to another person. (flowers)

The delivery address is therefore always different from the billing address.


When a customer create an account (.../login?back=my-account#account-creation), i would like to display the delivery address form and also the billing form.


This feature works great in the OPC checkout, the 2 forms are displayed and when you fill them you have one delivery address and one billing address that are different. (see attach file)



I would like the same check box "use a different address for the billing) in the normal account creation form.

In this case the first address would be the delivery address by default, and the second address the billing address by default.


I managed to show second billing form by copying portion of code from the opc-order... .tpl

but only one address is created.


I'm sure it is possible, please help ;-)

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