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Prestashop issue with currencies


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Hello everyone,


I'm working on Prestashop website and I'm trying to get rid of one additional currency in product price that is still displayed no matter what.


The website that I'm trying to modify I believe was modified before me because I know that Prestashop doesn't have dual price functionality by default I mean the website now shows price with two currencies and I want to leave just "EUR" whic is the default currency. I deleted all existing currencies but nothing happened.


I also tried experimenting with code in template folder. I found that {convertPrice price=$product.price} code is responsible for showing prices. But I still don't understand why this line of code lists price in two different currencies even if I deleted all currencies. In database table called "ps_currency" I still can find second currency record in table and it has a flag deleted which is equal to "1". If I delete this record still prestashop is trying to show two currencies but this time second currency is shown with no conversion rate, currency symbol...


Any suggestions of what I should try to do to get rid of this additional currency would be really appreciated.


Here's the screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/b1xe41yyt/

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