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How to search and filter products by multiple words in the product name?


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I am total newbie to Prestashop and I am trying to complete a store development as soon as possible. That is why I may sound stupid, but I have no other option as I couldn't find any suitable answer by now.

I am trying to implement a search box which would filter products by multiple words in their names. For instance, if I write "147 kapott" I may see as a result a list comprised of 'Honda 147 156 166 Kapott', 'Alfa Romeo 147 150 167 Kapott', etc.

How can I do it? Should I use the 'blocksearch' module? Nevertheless, how can I implement this kind of filtering?

I must add that I want to do it by myself and not use any addon.


Any idea will be highly appreciated!


Thank you very much!

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And what's the problem?

Currently this is how it works, take a look at the PtestaShop demo: http://fo.demo.prestashop.com/


If you search for "sleeves faded" or "faded sleeves" or "faded", always will have the same result.

Yes, thank you very much! I have just realized that I have that search box module, but it doesn't function properly. It never returns results although it should. Do you know why could that be?

I don't really understand this:  <form id="searchbox2" method="get" action="{$link->getPageLink('index',true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" >. Is that action correct? What should the page be?

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