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Redirect to the Right shop after payment - Multistore


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I have a payment module that use a external webpage for a secure payment, and after the payment the costumer is redirect back to the store.


The problem is that I have lots of stores like www.mydomina.com/stores/storeA , www.mydomina.com/stores/storeB, etc.


But I can only set one page for the payment to be redirected, so I goes to the main store www.mydomain.com/stores/


The redirect.php page code that is redirected is like this:



 $useSSL = true;
$url = Tools::getShopDomain(true,true).__PS_BASE_URI__.'index.phpfc=module&module=cielointegradoloja5&controller=ok';
<script>location.href='<?php echo $url;?>';</script>
I am wondering if there is anyway to make it to redirect to the store that the payment came from....
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