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PHP products creation - Accent forbidden from product name


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I can't understand why, if I try to create a new product using a PHP script, the product name cannot contain accents?

If I try to create same product using Admin page, accents are allowed... 


Am I doing something wrong in my PHP script?

$myProduct = new Product();
$myProduct->ean13 = 9999999999999;
$myProduct->name = array((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT') =>  'téàè°st');
$myProduct->link_rewrite = array((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT') =>  'test');
$myProduct->id_category = 7;
$myProduct->id_category_default = 7;
$myProduct->redirect_type = '404';
$myProduct->price = 10.0;
$myProduct->quantity = 1;
$myProduct->minimal_quantity = 1;
$myProduct->show_price = 1;
$myProduct->on_sale = 0;
$myProduct->online_only = 0;
$myProduct->meta_keywords = 'test';

Le champ suivant n'est pas valide selon la méthode de validation isCatalogName:
(Product->name = pour la langue 2)

Is there an encoding to be defined in PHP source code?


Thanks for your help.

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