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Bug Prestashop 1.6.X and 1.5.X


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Hello people


I want to tell you that I found a very ugly when editing product error.


In itself, everything happens when a product is enabled for text, meaning that the customer can write to a text field.


Well when this happens and you have to edit the order from the Backadmin, and the order consists of one or more products, you modify the text product has everything breaks, that if the same command if a product is published without the text field that does not damage the editing process.

But when the prodcuto with a text is edited, you can see that breaks from the sum of products, the amount of products is altered in all the total products of the order, and do not edit the product of the text itself, and if sum was not enough new products.


This error comes from version 1.5.6 and is present in version 1.6.1 as you can see in the video that I share.



This last comment as social networks, but from prestashop have not told me anything.


I hope someone can communicate.

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