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Regarding the multishop in prestashop


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Yes this is possible. Each store can have it's own products and categories. Each store is an independent website. Just change the drop down box to which store you wish to work on. To get the products on the homepage you need different products in each shops "home" category plus the module "home featured" on both stores.


If you need any clarification let me know and I'll try to explain in more detail



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Okay Thank you. But currently if I am changing the products for one shop then they are also affecting the others shop too. Why so ?  Can you please clarify me these point too and I have also seen that there are common products , categories etc for all shop . Is it true or we can have seperate for all shops ? Please clear me these points too ..

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Do you have the shop selected? If you have "all shops" selected changes will be made across all shops. If you select a shop then changes will be made on only that shop.


If the products are shared across multiple shops there are only a few things which must match like the product reference.


You can have products only visible on 1 shop. To do this simply select the shop, then create the product. It will only be visible on the shop you had selected.


If you want a separate category structure for each shop you need to create a new root category, this will then only be visible for that shop

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