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Creating Page and Menu Structure


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My friends, good morning, good afternoon and good night. My name is Osvaldo Relder, and I am totally new to Prestashop, I'm using the tool to implement a virtual store for a client. My story is this, rather, was developing in Wordpress, I have quite expriencia with Wordpress, until I was presenting the Prestashop, face when I saw, I found the super versatile tool and decided to use it to solve my problems.


Anyway installed and I chose to work the store customizing the default theme according to my taste, I ran into some difficulties that could understand, and other facilities had to execute and implement. But one thing still did not understand this tool, but I'll say what I want to see if you can help me.


I want to create a few pages and put them in the top menu of my site (there's next to "Enter" and "Contact Us" link see below). So that looking at the tool, I could not not create the page, let alone find the menu structure. I would humbly ask for guidance from you about it.



ps .: I'm messing tool in only three days, as I am on a tight schedule, I did not have time to read all the documentation and some gaps like this were. Hope you can help me, I thank you.



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Noble friend, I appreciate your answer. But not quite in that position I want. :(
I need the page you want to create, is at the top menu, above the horizontal menu top, it where is pink and has the phone icon and the number, note that on the right side have two option "Entrar" (Log in) and "Fale Conosco (Contact us) ". I'm trying days. If you can help me thank you.


Link: www.mimosdacy.com.br

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