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Simpler BO product creation page.


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Hi guys,


I'm looking for an advice, any tip or code sample :) !

The guy I'm working for got scared by the default product creation page in the Back Office.

Too many tabs, too many textboxes, droplists and so on...

Since he adds several products a day, he needs something simpler.


Basically, he wants a 'one tab' product creation page, with hardcoded values for the 'irrelevant' fields.

(no worries, I'll handle these values in another B.O page, restricted to the SuperAdmin role).


Anyway, I created a new admin page, and added a link to it in the AdminProductController template page.

Now comes the tricky part:


Considering all the image resizing stuff and that I need to upload mp3s and add rows in a custom mySQL table, would you rather use the Product creation Webservice or call directly some functions from the Product class?


If the later, does anyone have any example of product creation using the Product class?

I understood it's a 2 steps process.

 1) you create a new empty product and get an ID

 2) You associate all the features, attributes... to this product ID


Am I wrong ?


If someone had the same problem, feel free to share your experience.


Have a nice day,


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