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Problem with NON-ajax cart


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Hi All,


these two problems do NOT occur when I'm using the Ajax cart.


However when I turn ajax off, these problems arise:


1- when I try to select a quantity bigger than 1 and click Add To Cart, I'm taken to the shopping cart summary page, but only a quantity of 1 has been added to the cart


2- on the shopping cart widget in the sidebar, when I try to click on the x icon to remove an item, I'm taken to a 404 page.


How can I resolve these issues?


Thank you

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For more technical information regarding the second issue, I compared the x link of the widget with the x link of the cart summary page, and the difference is in the & / ? as shown


Widget code: http://www.mysite.com/en/cart&delete=1&id_product=8&...


Cart summary code: http://www.mysite.com/en/cart?delete=1&id_product=8&...


I suppose the Ajax code deals with the & correctly, but when it is turned off nothing else can process it correctly...

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