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Hello! I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me a bit about whether there is any module or smart way to manage services booking in several beauty salons with Prestashop, such that, having X centers, each with Y resources (workers), which can deliver Z different types of services (with different working times) individually, booking a particular service will decrease the available capacity of the center for any service in the time slots required for that service.


So that I can make myself understood, please find below a unit example:

- Center Opening time: 10-13h

- Resources: 3 workers

- Booked services: 1 book  of S1 service, which lasts 1h30 ', starting 11am


Resulting Availability: 3x (10-11h), 2x (11-12h), 2x (12-12'30h), 3x (12'30-13h)


Our premises in Prestashop are:

o   Prestashop 1.6.1

o   Each Center is a supplier.

o   Each Service_Supplier is a product.

o   Working Time is a product feature (multiple of 30'). Supplier is a product feature.


And what I would like to have:

o   Capacity functionality to determine the number of resources per hour for each supplier.

o   Availability Calendar to show the available resources per 30' time slot  for each supplier (X / Y, being  X vacant resources, Y available resources). The order of a product will decrease the availability of a resource during its Working Time.


Thanks in advance for your appreciated help!!!

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