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Truncated Product Names in Accessories?


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I am looking for advise on what file truncates the product name to 17 characters in the accessories section on the bottom of the product pages. I did a search of all files in my prestashop folder and four files came up with truncate:18.






I tried changing the instances of truncate:18 in the files to truncate:40, one file at a time, then returning it to its original configuration if no change was noted after a refresh of the page. So far no changes in the files above have increased the product description length. It looks like the files names truncated above have something to do with a discount and are not what I need to change to see the results I am hoping for.  


Any advice is appreciated. 

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One more thing - you searched for truncate:18. 

Instead, you should have searched for 17 chars from the name + 3 dot chars ('...') - so the correct search is after truncate:20.


See Smarty > truncate function for more details:


Second parameter: 

This is a text string that replaces the truncated text. Its length is included in the truncation length setting.
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