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HelperOptions and multi store mode


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Hi All,


I've got a module which's configuration screens (the ones generated by the "getContent" method) use helperForm in a couple of places and in one place a helperOptions.


When multi-store is enabled I get a on/off switch above my form stating "Multistore | YES | NO |

Check / Uncheck all (If you are editing this page for several shops, some fields may be disabled. If you need to edit them, you will need to check the box for each field)"


But I don't want that. I store my vars globally and this silly box requires a user to first switch it to yes before he's able to modify settings.


All settings also have a checkbox in front of them.


How can I get rid of that behavior besides migrating to helperForm?


Thanks in advance!

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Update: I have found that when I set the context to "ALL" programatically, before rendering the form, I actually get rid of those select boxes.

But I can't imagine this is the desired way.


I do so by adding this line of code: Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL);

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