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Categories don't change in product search


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Hi, I have a peaty bizarre problem with product search in the admin section.I have selected abou 50 products to home category but If I search product categories in admin page I get about 1000 products in Home category. 
Strange thing is that when I edit a product it has the correct category in association tab.

Then It gets even more strange. I've added the featured module to the main page and the module lists all products with home category.



So to sum it up. I upload a product via xml import. When you access product tab it has correct association but in the admin search product page or featured model it shows up like it had also home category.



Any ideas?

Praestashop 1.6.9
I’ve tried cleaning cache(via admin panel and manually).




Edit: I've checked the DB. There are 50 products with home category but presta still shows 1000.


More strange things: If I select category filter in admin panel, it filters correctly. 


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