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Missing Address on Single Page Order Form


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I haven't found the solution yet, but I did just discover that the addresses reappear if the Brinks payment gateway module isn't there.  So it appears that something with the Brinks module is turning off the addresses.  Any ideas?


Thank you!

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I'm just posting updates as I go along.  If anyone wants to jump in and shout out an answer, please do!


Now I've found that if I go into the file called:




and remove the line that calls this script:




My addresses come back without removing the payment module.


So I think the problem is in that 2co.min.js script.  However, the way that file is written, it's very very difficult to make sense of, especially since I don't know javascript.  I'm at a loss for how to debug this, but since I think I've isolated it to that file, I'll keep hacking away at it and see if the problem makes itself apparent.



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Just figured out that everything works fine in FireFox, but not in Chrome.  The problem seems to be related to the Terms of Service checkbox.  In FireFox, if I uncheck the Terms of Service checkbox, the payment options go away and are replaced with a message that says "Please accept the terms of service."  In Chrome, if I uncheck the Terms of Service checkbox, the payment options stay there.  So I think somewhere in that script is an If/Then statement regarding that checkbox, and the way it's coded doesn't work for Chrome, and apparently, it's somehow messing with the addresses, too.

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