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Variable $smarty.get.id_cms not working


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Hi - I have previously used the code from this page to display a menu of links to CMS pages on all CMS pages.




I am in the process of upgrading from v1.5.5 to v1.6.and  the variable $smarty.get.id_cms appears to no longer exist

{if isset($smarty.get.id_cms)} // first if condition
    {if $smarty.get.id_cms == $cms_page.id_cms}  // second if condition
        class="selected" // our class="" definition
    {/if} // second if condition close tag
{/if} // first if condition close tag 

Anyone know if this variable has been replaced by something else?

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My fault - nothing wrong with the variable - just got my code a bit mixed up - got it working by using

{foreach from=CMS::getCMSPages(1,2,true) item=cmspages}
	<!-- 1 = id lang, 2 = id_cms_category - get from table ps_cms_category_lang -->
	<li{if isset($smarty.get.id_cms)}{if $smarty.get.id_cms == $cmspages.id_cms} class="active"{/if}{/if}>
		<a href="{$link->getCMSLink($cmspages.id_cms, $cmspages.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$cmspages.meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a>
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