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How to change order steps urls


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I am trying to configure the url's of my prestashop due to some SEO changes, and here comes my problem.


I want to change the url of the different order steps (adress confirmation, delivery method...). Right now I have changed it from SEO & URL's to "myprestashop.com/cartprocess" but when I go foward in the order process the url changes to "/cartprocess?step=1" in the second step or even "/cartprocess" again at the 3rd step (I don't know why).


I want the url's to be "cartprocess-1", "cartprocess-2"... but I can't really find the way to do it. From SEO & URL's option I can only change the url to be like I have described and I also tried to change the .htaccess file with no results...


Some clues on how to do this? I have been told to change something in dispatcher.php file but I don't know what to change there.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my english (not main language)

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