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Can I sync exisiting Ebay store to Prestashop?


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I have an ebay store which has been running for some time, I would like to link it to my Prestashop store ( but will it affect my current ebay listings? 


I believe from previous threads  that the listings should be created in Prestashop first and not the other way around, will this cause a problem or will my ebay listings be altered in some way? Would it be better to upgrade to the latest PS version first?


Bit nervous of pressing the button and then finding its all mucked up!


many thanks   :)

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Okay many thanks Prestalia for your reply. I don't mind buying a module if it works, just didnt want an endless subscription (although was hoping I would just be able to link the two together as I already have products in both stores). 


Many thanks for your help, I will look into Involic.  :)

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that is not a subscription but you buy a module.


the function for export the product from ebay and insert in prestashop is not a work that you can find for free.




Do you know how can i sync my prestashop's stock level if i sell a product on ebay ??

Which module i need for this ?



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