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w3 validation errors


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i am new to prestashop, I am working on a site it shows error when i try to w3 validate it .

the errors are like:


Line 1, Column 130947: Duplicate ID leo-verticalmenu.

…almenu leo-dropdown highlighted block"><h2 class="title_block" ><span class="i…

Line 1, Column 8887: The first occurrence of ID leo-verticalmenu was here.

…2px; position: absolute; float: left;"><h2 class="title_block" style="height: …

Line 1, Column 131665: Duplicate ID wid-1404775358.

…class="leo-widget" id="wid-1404775358"><div class="widget-subcategories block"…

Please tell how to fix theses errors .


I have done changes in the theme files.

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